SAU TECH Adult Education CENTERS


The SAU Tech Adult Education Center serves Calhoun, Columbia, Dallas, and Ouachita Counties. Our program serves adult learners through Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes, which are designed for adults functioning academically at or below NRS Level 4 and below.  成人中等教育(ASE)课程为在学术上达到NRS 5级或以上的成年人提供培训. Individuals eighteen years of age or older may enroll in classes at any time during the year.

Under special circumstances, 十六、十七岁的人,符合下列条件的,可以参加成人教育项目:

  1. Score at least 535 in all three subjects on the TABE.
  2. Public School Waiver signed by counselor, principal, or superintendent of the local school district or Notarized Copy of Intent to Home School document.
  3. The student and the student’s parents, guardians, 或代家长与院长或协调员会面,讨论当地成人教育计划的要求.
  4. The student, the student’s parents, guardians, or persons in loco parentis, 成人教育项目的主任或协调员书面同意,学生将参加必要的小时数每周和保持适当的行为,概述在当地成人教育项目的学生手册.

Our Adult Education Services:
Basic Skill Improvement
GED Preparation & Testing
College Prep Classes
English as a Second Language
Employability and Workplace Training
Accelerating Opportunity
Integrated Education and Training-CNA and OSHA 10
Career Development Activities
Distance Education
Supportive Services through SNAP Employment and
Training and Temporary Assistance for Needy Services (TANF)



Adult Education Locations

GED® Program
In Arkansas, anyone who is 16 years or older, who are not enrolled or graduated from high school, 符合州要求的学生可以通过官方GED®考试获得阿肯色州高中文凭. GED®考试是基于计算机的,测试四个方面的技能:通过语言艺术推理, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science. Instruction for this class is based on the student’s entry-level and their needs. The format for classes is Managed Enrolled and Open Entry/ Open Exit. 我们提供这门课程的快速通道版本,并且很自豪地说,我们的成功率对于希望参加这门课程的学生来说是很高的. Our students graduate with SAU Tech each year in May and have a great graduation ceremony.

Fast Track GED® Classes
我们的快速GED课程是管理注册课程,学生注册并有开始和结束日期,并按照时间表进行. 这种形式提供了小组和个人教学以及远程学习的机会. 这些课程最适合那些能够在短时间内坚持计划并正在寻求成功的人. 我们的快速通道课程计划全年开始,专为学生完成一个或多个GED®领域.

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

The TANF program provides funding for a wide variety of employment and training activities, supportive services, and benefits that will enable clients to get a job, keep a job, and improve their economic circumstances.  Certified Career planners will assist students with goal setting, career exploration activities, and provide information on postsecondary education, internships, and short-term training opportunities.

Eligible Applicants:

  • Must be a U.S. 使用可接受的文件清单和/或与美国移民局使用的文件组合来确定公民身份.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-9
  • A resident of the state of Arkansas
  • 必须是居住在阿肯色州的18岁以下儿童的监护人或非监护人的父母,或者是16岁至24岁之间的寄养儿童的监护人

Job Readiness Services

Employability Skills-我们的就业能力项目提供培训,使成人学习者能够更好地了解和更熟练地应对不断变化的工作世界. 教学为学习者在工作场所取得成功所需的知识和技能提供了全面的基础.

  • WAGE™是一个由商业/工业推动的工作准备计划,旨在确保失业和未充分就业的阿肯色州人拥有在工作场所取得成功所需的技能. Students can improve their basic academic skills, as well as learn job skills that prepare them for entry-level jobs through the WAGE™ program.  Classes are held at all SAU Tech Adult Education locations, and we offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of adult students.
  • WAGE™ Certificates currently offered: Workforce Prep, Business Management and Administration, Education, and Training, Health Science, Hospitality and Tourism, and Manufacturing.
  • 职业准备证书(CRC) -阿肯色州职业准备证书基于工作键® 向雇主证明一个人拥有21所要求的基本工作技能的评估st century jobs. Areas tested include Workplace Documents, Applied Math, and Graphic Literacy. Upon completion, the student will receive a state-issued certificate in Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum that is signed by the Governor of Arkansas.  The CRC is recognized nationwide.

Mission: To provide adult learners with the mechanisms to improve and refine their academic skills, attain the General Education Development diploma, 以及为公民自给自足和提高生活质量做好准备的生活技能.

Vision: 南澳科技成人教育中心致力于提供最高质量的成人教育和扫盲计划,鼓励学习者终身探索和学习.

Adult Education Philosophy
All adults can learn.
All adults have the right to obtain the life skills that they need to become self-sufficient, actively participating members of society.
All adults have the right to complete their education through the high school level.